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The sleeveless  features soft/stretchy sweat wicking fabric which will keep you dry and cool. The design allows you to perform a full range of motion essential for a great workout.

Lightweight and flexible, breathable fabric provides exceptional comfort and durability.
These hoodies are perfect for beach, parties, workouts, lifting, running, jogging or any other activity.

With the popularity of the Boulder Sleeveless hoodie and the demand for a warmer option there was not much questioning what needed to be done!
The new release Boulder Sleeveless Hoodie combines the aesthetics and shoulder accentuating lines of the Boulder Sleeveless with the warmth and versatility of a hoodie.

Remember to free some space on your phone for photos, because once you see your shoulders in this hoodie you wont stop snapping!

Material: Cotton/ Polyester Blend

Cut: Boulder cut, taper accentuating, aesthetic.

Use: Autumn / Spring / Warm-up / training


Perfect for year round training / casual wear and warming up!
Boulder cut to highlight shoulder width and compliment taper
Camo print hood lining
Front printed logo
Double stitched hemming
Aesthetically pleasing design