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Heavy duty & Light weight 

Two Lengths Built in One Rope - Overall length (when laid flat): 55inch (140cm) outer loops and 39inch (100cm) inner loops, longer than most of the tricep straps and pull down ropes on the market. 

Two lengths are suitable all body sizes especially for bigger bodybuilders.

One Triceps Rope for Diversified Exercises - before you might have needed to switch between the 27 and 36 inches triceps ropes for difference exercises, however, now you only need to take your tricep straps to the gym. 

It’s personal and hygiene ( No more smelly hand after)

Additionally, its two-sizes-in-one design provides great versatility to your workout routine by allowing you to easily switch lengths between different rope exercises such as face pull, triceps pushdowns, bicep curls and more cable attachment exercises.

Increase Range of Motion - Traditional triceps ropes are too short and limit your ability to open up the shoulders fully for exercises like the face pull. extra-long triceps straps allow you to extend your range of motion to the max.

Isolating Your Target Muscles - When using traditional ropes with caps, your wrists might be tired out before your intended back and shoulders muscles are fully worked. triceps straps allow you to use a proper workout weight to build your target muscles groups without wrist strain, to tone your upper body effectively.

Perfect Ergonomics Prevents Joint Injuries - The triceps straps provide 4 gripping options allowing placement of hands in the most comfortable position, taking excessive stress off your wrists, fingers, and elbows.