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Wrist straps  give your wrists the support required while performing heavy lifts, presses, and other rigorous workouts. Wearing these straps will keep your wrists rigid and strong.

Anti-slip lets users lift heavy without worry.

Durable and long-lasting thanks to the stainless-steel buckle.

Strap can be secured to wrist with Velcro.

Thick neoprene padding on each strap to avoid damage your wrists


  • Wrist Straps lets you have a perfect grip on the bar. It prevents the hands from slipping off.
  • Gym goers prefer Wrist Straps to perform deads, shrugs, lat pulldowns, dumbbell rows, hammer strength back exercises, T-bar rows, etc.
  • The Wrist Straps are best while different workouts for back exercises.
  • Wrist Straps are seen to give the perfect grip needed for pulldowns, etc. where the proper grip may fail.
  • They come with a loop at the end, where you need to put your wrist in and strap it as tight as you want.
  • You can lift heavyweight, without worrying about slipping or imbalance. They are best for people who lack grip strength. You can strap it around the bar for added grip.